End-to-End Connectivity Solution

Unitas Reach, from the edge to the world.

With its presence on six continents, Unitas Reach is the first global software-defined network (SDN) to offer automated ubiquitous edge access to any cloud location. The network connects cloud providers, carrier-neutral data centers, SaaS applications, and edge access networks reaching millions of commercial locations to form a multi-service global interconnection fabric.

Edge to Everywhere with Unitas Reach

Unitas Reach is built to provide connectivity options that different modern cloud services require with simple integration to traditional enterprise networks.  With its presence on six continents, Unitas Reach provides redundant and diverse Internet, Ethernet, and Wave access to distributed applications across any cloud, hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, or private cloud destination. Strategic interconnections with hundreds of other networks and fiber access providers further extends the network access to the edge, including over 900 carrier neutral data centers and 30 million enterprise locations in over 133 countries.
Unitas' own IP network (AS 1828) is architected for the cloud.

Unitas directly peers with over 5,000 ASNs, putting SaaS, content providers, and ISPs one hop away. Unitas' IP network is available over the top of Unitas Reach, which offers automated ubiquitous edge access to any cloud location.

Global SD-WAN

Unitas' edge to everywhere connectivity solutions offer providers and enterprises with solutions to improve performance and optimize costs.

Global SD-WAN

Your Network Performance Has Never Been More Important
The way businesses use the Internet is changing. As more business applications are being moved to the cloud or delivered as a SaaS model, Internet performance has become more important than ever before. While users expect the same consistent, high-performance experience from their SaaS applications that they get with on-premise software or dedicated systems, that is often not the case. 
Not Your Average Internet
Unitas Reach, the first global software defined network (SDN) to offer automated ubiquitous edge access to any cloud location, enables Unitas to provide unparalleled IP access for its customers. Unitas high performance Internet services are designed specifically for content and applications that require the highest level of performance and resiliency.

Cloud Connectivity

From On-Premise to Data Center to Cloud: end-to-end network solutions for the cloud
Today’s cloud landscape is complicated and ever-changing. New technologies become available at a remarkable pace, representing opportunities for greater efficiency and agility. As more and more of the traditional on-premise enterprise IT workload shifts to private/hosted and public cloud infrastructure, connectivity becomes increasingly important. The enterprise migration to cloud-based IT services has direct implications for underlying network infrastructure. This is driven by three key elements:

Global SD-WAN

The Solution
Unitas Global has designed a comprehensive Cloud Connectivity solution that includes multiple forms of network services created to bring performance and reliability to the entire cloud ecosystem. Hybrid cloud is the predominant architecture in the world today, and it requires connectivity both to and between different parts of the overall infrastructure. Learn more about the different types of connectivity we provide as part of this solution:
Commonly referred to as “last mile” or “local access,” Access Connectivity serves as the path to the cloud from your business locations via the nearest data center or cloud providers with private, dedicated bandwidth.
Unitas Global’s answer to bridging Access and Cloud networks, the Unitas Cloud Connectivity serves as a connectivity hub. Strategically-located data centers provide a point to interconnect enterprise network infrastructure with cloud services.
Most companies operate from multiple locations, whether in the same city or on different continents. Wide Area Networking connects these locations together with a private network, and bridges that network to required cloud services.
High-bandwidth connections are required to move large amounts of data quickly and reliably. Unitas provides backbone connectivity between cloud data centers and this solution is available at over 185 locations around the world with real-time SDN-based provisioning.
At the intersection of cloud is the underlying network required to connect it all together. Navigating the ecosystem of last-mile access, data center connectivity, wide area backbone and public cloud on-ramp services is complex. Unitas Global delivers a comprehensive set of cloud connectivity solutions with an end-to-end SLA.

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